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Low Risk High Return Investments - For Big Capital Gains & Income

We all want low risk high return investments that can build wealth longer term, but which is the best?

Here we are going to look at a low risk high return investment thats true to its name and is proven to do not only produce 30% annual gains and but also a valuable income to.

If you want a low risk high return investment this one is well worth considering, so lets look at it.

We all know property is a good solid long term investment but it can be expensive, here we are going to look at property overseas just 2 hours from the USA That is cheap and is and will continue to produce stunning gains.

The country we are going to look at is Costa Rica and see why more than 100,000 Americans and other foreign investors have invested here and the returns they are getting.

The Growth

A property that cost just $30,000 15 years ago, near the popular resort of Jaco, is worth as much as $750,000 today!

Not only are the capital gains great, but the rental market is booming and you can earn a regular monthly income to.

So, you get great solid capital gains, with low downside volatility and valuable income as well.

Why are growth rates so high and risk so low?

The answer lies in the fact that beachfront property in Costa Rica costs up to 70% less than in the USA and its only a two hour direct flight away.

The demand for affordable beach front property is creating big capital gains and with property in the USA expensive, Americans are looking south.

Aldd in an affordable lifestyle (you can live her comfortably for just $2,500 a month) and you have more Americans retiring and moving to Costa Rica than ever before.

The buying process is simple, you get the same rights as residents and its extremely tax efficient.

Will demand continue to grow?

Yes, there is no let up in demand and as we all know property booms last decades and this one looks like it has a lot further to run as demand increases.

This is creating gains of 30% + annually for savvy investors, with little downside risk and also providing rental income.

When you compare this with mutual funds that are lucky to get into double figures and have losses that can last for years and can be in excess of 30%.

This is a high return investment that lives up to its name and is one that more and more investors are considering.

There are many destinations that are cheap and growing in value and many specialist Realtors that will help you acquire a property thats just right for you.

Costa Rica is an affordable slice of paradise and the demand for breach front property is driving a market where savvy investors are making big gains and maybe you could to.

Check out the facts of this low risk high return investment and its hard to beat and in terms of reward to risk - mutual funds simply dont compare and neither for that matter do many other investments.


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The Mechanics of Are Economic Cycle

Inflation and recessions are both recurring phases of a continuous economic cycle. Inflation occurs when prices rise as a result of too much money being in circulation due to a lack of goods and services to spend it on. When prices reach a point that is higher than people can - or will - pay, the demand decreases and this is where the downturn in the economic cycle begins.

In our modern economy we don't let the economic cycle run unchecked, because the consequences could result in a major worldwide depression like the one that followed the stock market crash in 1929. In a depression money become so tight that the economy virtually grinds to a halt, unemployment escalates, businesses collapse and the general economic mood gets very grim.

When a recession occurs the Federal Government can create new money to make borrowing money easier. Once the economy picks up, and sellers begin to sense a rise in demand for their product or services they begin raise prices. This is how inflation works.

Most economist agree that inflation isn't good for the economy, because over time it destroys value, and this includes the value of money. Inflation also prompts investors to buy things that they can resell for huge profits: like art and real estate, rather than investing their money in companies that can then in-turn create new products and jobs. However inflation isn't bad for everyone. Debtors love it! The people that get hit the hardest in an inflationary phase are the people that are living off of fixed incomes, this often consists of retired people whose payments are determined by salaries or wages that were earned in less inflationary times. their standard of living can swiftly erode by high inflation, this could cause them to sell their home or take other drastic economic measures.

Inflation is often the result of political pressures. A economy that is growing creates jobs and reduces unemployment. More often than not politicians are almost always in favor of this so they put pressure on the Federal Reserve to adopt an easy money policy that stimulates the economy. The most effective method for ending inflation is for the Federal Government to induce a recession, or downturn, in the economy. If the shrinks for two consecutive quarters it is considered a recession.

In order to avoid long term slow downs, politicians will reverse their policies once they notice that the economy is beginning to shrink. They do this to stimulate borrowing and economic growth. Over time the country emerges from the recession, begins to grow, and the completed cycle starts all over again.

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FOREX Trading System - Building One for Big Profits in 3 Simple Steps

Here we are going to show you how to build your own profitable FOREX trading system in simple steps.

You can build one easily by utilizing free information on the web.

We are going to look at choosing a methodology, structuring the system and implementing it for profit It will give you big profit potential and wont cost you a cent.

The methodology below is the basis for all my trading systems and its very simple. I have traded for over 23 years and tried just about ever system out there and the fact is:

When trading FOREX, simple systems beat complicated ones, as they are more robust in the face of ever changing market conditions.

The methodology below works and will continue to work, so lets take a look at it.

1. Methodology

Look at any FOREX chart and what do you see?

Long term trends that last for weeks or months These are the trends you need to target.

To target these trends all you need to understand is the concept of support and resistance and price momentum.

Now we need a methodology, lets take one that has stood the test of time and will continue to work trading breakouts.

Breakouts from significant support and resistance are one of the most effective ways of catching the big profitable moves.

FACT: Most major currency moves start from new market highs NOT market lows.

You can read all about the above concepts free on the web and in some shape or form most of the worlds top traders use breakouts.

In conclusion, we are going to look for long term trends from support and resistance - now lets look at how to put this into practice.

2. Structuring a System

Now you need to organize the above and enter some trades Here is a simple way of trading the above:

Look at the weekly chart

Look for well established support and resistance that has been tested several times preferably at least 4 times and several weeks apart

Look at the daily charts

Now look for tests that coincide with the weekly levels that have again been tested several times.


If you start with the weekly chart you will get the big picture and well established support and resistance can be seen - that if broken will give you high odds of the break continuing.

3. Timing the trade

Here we need to look at price momentum and trade with confirmation that the odds are in our favor.

Trading with price strength on a break is an essential element of any successful FOREX trading system and you need indicators that will help you spot it.

Pull up a free chart service such as

Look at the stochastic indicator and Relative Strength Index ( RSI), both these are fantastic confirming indicators.

We dont have time to write about them in detail here but they are covered in our other articles so look them up.

If a break occurs you can go with the break providing your momentum indicators confirm it.

If you are only trading strong support and resistance that the market recognizes as significant then the odds of the break continuing as stops are unwound and trend followers come in is higher.

Stops should be below the breakout point on daily close basis only (US hours) you can also wait till the end of the session to enter your trades.

This system won't give you many trades each year, but the ones it will give you will have high odds of success and fantastic profit potential.

The FOREX Trading system above can be adapted, but its an excellent base to start from and is perfect for novice FOREX traders.

Take a look at this FOREX trading system because:

Its simple to understand, simple to apply, takes less than 30 minutes a day and can yield triple digit gains

Even better it costs you nothing, but could make you significant long term capital gains.

Dont spend money on worthless e-books selling systems they have plucked from free information on the net build your own.


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Openwave-Could the Little Company Ever Become King?

Openwave Systems Inc. provides Communication Service Providers (CSPs), including wireless and wireline carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), portals, and broadband providers worldwide, with the software and services they need to build boundary-free, multi-network communications services for their subscribers.

Openwave has a very unique and valuable business in the wireless data market. It has a dominate market share of 50% in both the browser and in the gateway transitions for mobile phones. Both products are a core element in the data cell phone market.

Our philosophy is to own the critical elements in markets that appear to have revolutionary growth. In January 2004 we wrote an article saying the wireless revolution has begun. Today based on very recent guidance from Texas Instrument (NYSE:TXN) Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) and other third party data it appears that wireless data market is actually accelerating. That appears opposite common wisdom judged by the way the world equity market and Openwave stock is trading for the last month. Usually revolutionary growth acceleration is misunderstood. I believe that robust growth from wireless data will catch many people by surprise when it is fully recognized.

The browser and the gateway business are keys to Openwave's success. Again it is our philosophy to own critical monopolistic elements inside an industry. We often equate our philosophy to a roof over your head and the gutter that controls the flow of water. Most water when it rain will land on a shingle but will collect in high volume in the gutters. Thus a single gutter can control as much water as all the shingles combined. This model of finding the essential elements or monopolist companies, judged by the many top rankings awarded to us by third party profession indicates a very successful approach.

In wireless data market the gateway and the browsers form what we believe are that critical element in the industry with Openwave a dominate position in both those markets. This dominance of the critical element/monopoly creates a natural mote or barrier as Openwave is in a better position to bundle, integrate, and test its products, thus become a natural extension of their browser and/or gateway for every new service they enters. This bundled approach as Microsoft has proven over time not only has a higher comfort advantage for its users but also often could be produced at a far lower cost which the phone companies enjoy. These many economies of scale of a dominate player is attractive to the phone companies when they are both reviewing new or existing services. Put yourself in the place of a large carrier do you want to work with a new firm, with no proven history which would include additional integration, testing, billing plus on going maintenance or would you prefer an existing firm to increase their service or possibly just bundle the service into a existing product. Thats why its very hard for new wireless firms to make a presence in the wireless data market and the more established companies to consolidate when newer wire data services form.

It appears industry wide that the consolidators including Comverse Technology Inc. (NADSAQ: CMVT) and Amdocs Ltd. (NYSE:DOX) appear to have advantage over many newer companies. Both of those companies specializes more on the back end. The higher growth market for phones will be with the data services and in my opinion Openwave is the best positioned as the industry continues to consolidate.

About 60% of Openwave quarter is already booked not including about an addition 10% is pay as you go. That means Openwave needs about 30% of addition new revenues in the quarter. That indicates that Openwave has far smaller hurdle rate than most companies. The data supports that the number of new data phones growing combined with the rising usage of each phone with no new major competitive threats entering the market the probability of carriers to reorder is increasing.

Openwave's high valued license revenues.

Last quarter Openwave reported that licensing revenues was over 50% of total revenues and it had 97% gross margins. The licensing revenues make up over 70% of Openwave's gross profit. Understanding Openwave's business model is very simple if the licensing long term grows so will the profits so if licensing long term declines so will the profits.

The last quarter the licensing saw some of the best quarter over quarter growth of (16%) and year over year growth of (34%). Over the last two year period Openwaves licensing revenues grew at a 23 % annualized rate.


Openwave is now valued at about 12 time future earning and when you add up its dominance in market: The profitability of it core business and the business outlook for the wireless data industry. My opinion is this company should trade at a premium to its data wireless peers.


The market value of Openwave stock and the wireless data industry have had many very large fluctuations in stock market value over time compared to their peers. Investors seeking to lower volatility should look to other investments.

The major risk is that management underperforms. Since this is still a relatively new management team and the stock market saying with its large sell off of Openwaves stock that this quarter will be a very difficult quarter, its now time to see if the management team can execute. The stock market in my opinion has already priced in a earning problem and any minor miss by management while still retaining their long term forecast , I believe would be rewarded.


Its my opinion this is what you look for in an investment, a company that has repeatedly demonstrated, since the new management has been in place, they are achieving their goals, and have echoed repeatedly said its on track for the long term. Openwave has a dominate position that is becoming more embedded in most major carriers every day. With it very high margins core business over time it can become very profitable business. It appears the market for its core products is accelerating and its stock market value is down significantly; again this is what I look for when I invest.

Randy Durig manages several portfolios including the Monopoly Technology Portfolio to see the full list go to or

Durig's Monopoly Blue Chip Portfolio National Performance Rankings: 3rd In the United States, Ranked by 3 year annual return, for Large Capitalization Blend, 4th Quarter 2005, By Money Manager Review.

Durig Capital is a registered investment advisor. If you know someone that would like more information about this unique and specialized approach email or call toll free 877-359-5319.

Randy Durig owns Openwave in his discretionary client's portfolios and in his own account. Past performance is not a guarantee for future returns. All information we believe to be correct but make no guarantee to accuracy.

Affiliate Allstar - Aaron Broke My Heart or Not?

I cant believe the reviews of Affiliate Allstar in the web. It looks like no one actually read the e-book and read only the salepage. Unlike other scammers I can send you the receipt.

Aaron Johnson is the author of Affiliate Allstar. Aaron sent me a mail on 27.July.2007 with the updated Affiliate Allstar version (53 additional pages to the original ebook). So the following review is updated to Affiliate Allstar version 2.0 and completely updated to 2007.

There are two important issues that Aaron promised to us, the buyers of Affiliate Allstar.

Aaron promised that the affiliate Allstar internet marketing strategies are either zero cost or low cost implementation. And with these strategies you will be able to make full decent constant income. The second promise is the given support all the way to your success. Aaron is saying that there are no silly questions.

Lets see if Aaron broke my heart help me to make money?

Aaron is delivering zero cost internet marketing strategies, but they dont really work. Its a time consuming and earnings are poor. You dont need a website to use these methods, but you do need to work hard enough to find an appropriate product to promote. The suggested advertising platform in Affiliate Allstar is the problem.

Therefore, you will need to move right a way to the low cost strategies and there you will make money! What is low cost? I invested around $100 for implementing half of these strategies and I am on my way to make the promised decent income. You might think that $100 is not low and you are right, but the trade off is fair. By the way for these methods you will need a website.

Affiliate Allstar is monotony with examples. And its very hard to increase the income when real live examples are missing.

Before I forget, Aaron kept his second promise and he answers every mail at the same day.

By the way, you should know that with Affiliate Allstar strategies you will have to write a lot, so if you hated it in Colleague, think again.

Good Luck Real Buyers.

My name is Matthias Lutz and I am very interested in both Forex Exchange and Internet Marketing business lines. I believe that Forex will remain the first class trading opportunity and Internet Marketing will eventually beat the offline marketing resources. is a Forex and Internet Marketing courses reviews website.

Futures Trading

All futures contracts are generally made for the purpose of speculation or hedging. As such, the general procedure for settlement is the neutralization of the original contract by an opposite contract on settlement, so that only difference between the current and the contract price is paid or received. It is rare that actual delivery of the goods is taken, and the price paid in settlement of futures contracts.

Futures trading is the most notable feature of business activity on the commodity exchange. In fact, the commodity exchanges are organized mainly for futures contracts. The futures contracts are made for two distinct purposes: speculation and hedging. Accordingly, they are either speculative or hedging contracts. Speculative activity is such an important part of the commodity exchanges that commodity exchanges are sometimes referred to as the speculative market.

All speculation represents an attempt on the part of individual to peep far into the future out of the window of the present. Speculation refers to an attempt to estimate the future trend of prices and proceed on that basis, to result in profit. Commodities may be bought at the current price with the assumption of selling them at a higher price in future or vice-versa.

The line between gambling and speculation is very thin. On the surface both appear to be the same, but in fact speculation refers to the taking up of legitimate enterprise (purchase or sale of property, commodities, etc.) on the basis of an analysis of market trends and other factors that have a bearing on prices. When, however, people start speculating recklessly and blindly without applying their mind and intelligence, and without possessing the resources necessary to meet their commitments, it degenerates into sheer gambling.

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Foreign Exchange Trading While Working A Full Time Job, You Can Do It

Like most people when I started trading the foreign exchange I had very little time to monitor trades because of my job and other responsibilities. However this does not mean you can not make plenty of money trading the foreign exchange. Intrigued? Please grab nice cup of tea or coffee and read on.

If you have already tried you hand at trading the foreign exchange market I am sure you are aware it is not as easy as you thought. Like most newbie's you more than likely started trading the 5 minute or 15 minute charts. The thought of all that money right there in the market waiting to be taken was too tempting. I know I have been there!

Let me say one thing before we go any further, if you can not make consistent money on the daily charts then you won't be able to do it on the lower time frames! Trading the lower time frames is where 95% of traders loose there money! You should focus your attention on the longer time frames, check them every evening and plan your trades for the coming month. Almost all the most successful traders plan and take their trades based on the daily charts, do you think they watch the 5 minute charts? No, they are not interested in them at all.

Here is what you need to do, pick a couple of your favorite pairs to trade, limit yourself to 1 good trade a week, this means your trade needs to be planed and have good technical reasons for price to go in your favor. Keep your charts clean and simple, use support and resistance with price action for setups. Never risk more than 3% of your account on any one trade no matter what the stop size is.

Today's brokers offering micro lots (.10c) it is easy to get your position size correct no matter how small your account is. If you have two really good setups in one week and you don't know which one to take just take them both but use half of your normal risk per trade on each. If you do what I have outlined I guarantee you will see an improvement in you trading results it is not difficult to increase your trading account by 10-15% each month while only take 1 trade a week.

Trading the foreign exchange from daily charts can be easily done while having a full time day job, I do it and you can too, you just have to be willing to put in a little extra hard work on planning your trades when you come home. I hope this helps you on your way to consistent profits from the forex market.

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Forex Market Overview

The foreign exchange market exists wherever one currency is traded for another. Individuals are currently a very small part of this market and may only participate indirectly through brokers. It is by far the largest market in the world, in terms of cash value traded. It includes trading between large banks, central banks, multinational corporations, governments, and other financial institutions.

The forex market is a cash inter-bank established in 1971 when floating exchange rates began to appear. The average daily trading volume of US Treasury Bonds is $300 billion and the US stock market has an average daily volume of less than $10 billion.

The foreign exchange market is unique because of:

The extreme liquidity of the market,
Its geographical dispersion,
Its trading volume,
The large number of traders in the market,
Its long trading hours - 24 hours a day

There are several types of financial instruments commonly used:-

Forward transaction: A buyer and seller agree on an exchange rate for any date in the future, and the transaction occurs on that date, regardless of what the market rates are then.

Futures: Futures are standardized and are usually traded on an exchange created for this purpose. The average contract length is roughly 3 months. Futures contracts are usually inclusive of any interest amounts.

Swap: In a swap, two parties exchange currencies for a certain length of time and agree to reverse the transaction at a later date.

Spot: A spot transaction is a two-day delivery transaction, as opposed to the Futures contracts, which are usually three months.

One difference between Futures and Spot is how interest is credited. Each currency in a Forex transaction has an inherent interest rate attached to it. This interest is added every single day whether the market is trading or not. Interest cannot take a vacation; money and its loaning value are still important even if the financial world has stopped dealing. In Futures, the interest is built into the price of the contract. In Spot, however, interest is not taken into account in the offering price because the Spot market is a cash market, not a contract market.

The main trading centers are in London, New York, and Tokyo, but banks throughout the world participate. As the Asian trading session ends, the European session begins, then the US session, and then the Asian begin in their turns.

Unlike a stock market, where all participants have access to the same prices, the Forex market is divided into levels of access. At the top is the inter-bank market, which is made up of the largest investment banking firms. The top-tier inter-bank market accounts for 53% of all transactions.

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A Guide to Global FOREX trading

It's probably hard for some people to believe, but the global FOREX trading market dwarfs that of equities, even though the former gets little attention and the latter is talked about incessantly on the news.

The daily volume of global FOREX trading now exceeds $2 trillion dollars! To be sure, it is the leader in the competitive field of market exchange. Currently, London holds the title for the worlds largest foreign exchange center, accumulating 30% of the currency business.

Global FOREX trading is exciting for many reasons.

First, the markets are almost always open. One can trade 24/7 as currencies fluctuate all day and night. Compare that to equities where one can only effectively trade during market hours when the stock exchanges are open.

Second, the potential leverage in global FOREX trading is astounding.

In stock trading, one either trades with money they have or, at best, can open a margin account and trade with double leverage. A margin account funded with, for example, $25,000 can control $50,000 dollars worth of equity positions.

Now contrast that with global FOREX trading in which one can often obtain leverage of 20 times, 50 times, and even 100 times one's original capital.

For example, it's not uncommon to be able to open an account at an online FOREX brokerage with $5,000 and be able to control position sizes of $200,000 or more. (In FOREX, trading is realized in lots. 1 Lot = 100,000).

Think about that! If you funded an account with a mere $10,000 dollars you could control $500,000 worth of positions (10 lots). If your positions moved favorably giving you only a 5% gain you would be in profit $25,000 dollars. From an only $10,000 dollar initial capital!

Clearly the immense leverage in global FOREX trading is what lures a lot of players into the game. However, leverage can cut both ways and it's possible to get wiped out just as fast as one can make a veritable fortune.

Because such large sums of money can be made playing the FOREX markets, hobbyists and full time currency traders are quickly increasing in numbers.

For both amateur and pro alike, getting quality FOREX analysis of the markets -- both fundamental and techical -- is extremely important.

And for people who have yet to learn how to FOREX trade, taking an online course is paramount to get them off to a proper start.

Indeed, it can make the difference between being successful and getting wiped out, although there is no guarantee that even the best newsletter analysis service or FOREX training course will guarantee you profits or guard you against losses.

That's why global FOREX trading is considered a highly speculative endeavor.

The people who do best at it will be methodical, have strong control over their impulses and emotions, are analytical to a fault, and are all around disciplined individuals.

Ever since the speculator George Soros of the Quantum Hedge Fund realized a profit of over $1 billion dollars in a few short days by shorting the British pound in 1992, market players have become more and more drawn to the exciting game of global FOREX trading.

Make no mistake about it, FOREX trading will continue to grow over the years, especially with the advent of online FOREX brokerages that allow people to trade from the comfort of their own home office all night.

Dan Ho is an investor, trader, and speculator who enjoys studying economics, technical analysis and the markets. He has traded equities, options, and currencies.

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Success Trading: Yet More Basic Terminology for New Traders

In this day and age of online brokers for virtually every market out there, there are some very useful tools that will help protect your account and lock in profits when you have them. It is our recommendation that you use a good online broker and take advantage of not only the low commissions they offer, but also the automated tools that are available. These tools are virtually idiot proof if you use them. The number one reason that peoples accounts go belly up in the markets is because they lack the discipline to stick with their trading plans and let emotions drive their trading decisions. This approach is a guaranteed way to lose in the markets. Oh, you might get lucky on occasion, but eventually the market will take your money. Let discuss some of the trading tools were talking about.

Stop Loss Also called a stop, this is the price at which your position will be automatically closed. If you buy IBM at $50 per share, and then enter $45 as your stop level, then your position will be sold when the price hits $45. So this enables you to protect your account from a large loss. Bear in mind, however, that this stop level only triggers the closing of the position and doesnt guarantee youll get out at that price. A quick price drop might mean your order was executed at $42 instead of $45 because of market volatility but this would be an extreme case. Also, if you carry the position overnight and IBM opened at $40, then thats the price it would be sold. Keep in mind that if you had shorted IBM at $50, then your stop would be placed above $50 to protect your account. When the stop is triggered on a short position, you would be buying to cover the position.

Buy Stop The description above pertains to a sell stop, but there are also buy stops that can be very useful. These are used to enter a position at a certain point. Suppose youre using a trading system requires that you buy when a stock breaks above a certain price level. Lets say that you are waiting for IBM to break out of a channel and to do so, it would need to reach $51. In this case, you simply place a buy stop at $51 for the number of shares you desire and your online brokers system will buy that for you automatically whenever IBM hits $51. The only thing you would have to do and check back occasionally to see if the order has been filled.

These two tools, the sell stop and buy stop are invaluable to traders especially those who are just starting out. Make this a habit from day one in your trading ALWAYS place a stop loss immediately after getting an order filled. Obey this rule and the market will never hurt you very badly youll take a hard sting every now and then, but youll stay alive to come back another day!

Chuck Cox is a Technical Writer and Industrial Scientist by professional with a background in statistics. He has used mathematical and statistical methods to invest and trade in the stock, futures, and options markets. Chuck has owned various businesses and presently operates several websites. To learn more about trading the markets, visit his website,