Friday, August 31, 2007

Low Risk High Return Investments - For Big Capital Gains & Income

We all want low risk high return investments that can build wealth longer term, but which is the best?

Here we are going to look at a low risk high return investment thats true to its name and is proven to do not only produce 30% annual gains and but also a valuable income to.

If you want a low risk high return investment this one is well worth considering, so lets look at it.

We all know property is a good solid long term investment but it can be expensive, here we are going to look at property overseas just 2 hours from the USA That is cheap and is and will continue to produce stunning gains.

The country we are going to look at is Costa Rica and see why more than 100,000 Americans and other foreign investors have invested here and the returns they are getting.

The Growth

A property that cost just $30,000 15 years ago, near the popular resort of Jaco, is worth as much as $750,000 today!

Not only are the capital gains great, but the rental market is booming and you can earn a regular monthly income to.

So, you get great solid capital gains, with low downside volatility and valuable income as well.

Why are growth rates so high and risk so low?

The answer lies in the fact that beachfront property in Costa Rica costs up to 70% less than in the USA and its only a two hour direct flight away.

The demand for affordable beach front property is creating big capital gains and with property in the USA expensive, Americans are looking south.

Aldd in an affordable lifestyle (you can live her comfortably for just $2,500 a month) and you have more Americans retiring and moving to Costa Rica than ever before.

The buying process is simple, you get the same rights as residents and its extremely tax efficient.

Will demand continue to grow?

Yes, there is no let up in demand and as we all know property booms last decades and this one looks like it has a lot further to run as demand increases.

This is creating gains of 30% + annually for savvy investors, with little downside risk and also providing rental income.

When you compare this with mutual funds that are lucky to get into double figures and have losses that can last for years and can be in excess of 30%.

This is a high return investment that lives up to its name and is one that more and more investors are considering.

There are many destinations that are cheap and growing in value and many specialist Realtors that will help you acquire a property thats just right for you.

Costa Rica is an affordable slice of paradise and the demand for breach front property is driving a market where savvy investors are making big gains and maybe you could to.

Check out the facts of this low risk high return investment and its hard to beat and in terms of reward to risk - mutual funds simply dont compare and neither for that matter do many other investments.


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