Friday, August 31, 2007

Affiliate Allstar - Aaron Broke My Heart or Not?

I cant believe the reviews of Affiliate Allstar in the web. It looks like no one actually read the e-book and read only the salepage. Unlike other scammers I can send you the receipt.

Aaron Johnson is the author of Affiliate Allstar. Aaron sent me a mail on 27.July.2007 with the updated Affiliate Allstar version (53 additional pages to the original ebook). So the following review is updated to Affiliate Allstar version 2.0 and completely updated to 2007.

There are two important issues that Aaron promised to us, the buyers of Affiliate Allstar.

Aaron promised that the affiliate Allstar internet marketing strategies are either zero cost or low cost implementation. And with these strategies you will be able to make full decent constant income. The second promise is the given support all the way to your success. Aaron is saying that there are no silly questions.

Lets see if Aaron broke my heart help me to make money?

Aaron is delivering zero cost internet marketing strategies, but they dont really work. Its a time consuming and earnings are poor. You dont need a website to use these methods, but you do need to work hard enough to find an appropriate product to promote. The suggested advertising platform in Affiliate Allstar is the problem.

Therefore, you will need to move right a way to the low cost strategies and there you will make money! What is low cost? I invested around $100 for implementing half of these strategies and I am on my way to make the promised decent income. You might think that $100 is not low and you are right, but the trade off is fair. By the way for these methods you will need a website.

Affiliate Allstar is monotony with examples. And its very hard to increase the income when real live examples are missing.

Before I forget, Aaron kept his second promise and he answers every mail at the same day.

By the way, you should know that with Affiliate Allstar strategies you will have to write a lot, so if you hated it in Colleague, think again.

Good Luck Real Buyers.

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