Friday, August 31, 2007

The Mechanics of Are Economic Cycle

Inflation and recessions are both recurring phases of a continuous economic cycle. Inflation occurs when prices rise as a result of too much money being in circulation due to a lack of goods and services to spend it on. When prices reach a point that is higher than people can - or will - pay, the demand decreases and this is where the downturn in the economic cycle begins.

In our modern economy we don't let the economic cycle run unchecked, because the consequences could result in a major worldwide depression like the one that followed the stock market crash in 1929. In a depression money become so tight that the economy virtually grinds to a halt, unemployment escalates, businesses collapse and the general economic mood gets very grim.

When a recession occurs the Federal Government can create new money to make borrowing money easier. Once the economy picks up, and sellers begin to sense a rise in demand for their product or services they begin raise prices. This is how inflation works.

Most economist agree that inflation isn't good for the economy, because over time it destroys value, and this includes the value of money. Inflation also prompts investors to buy things that they can resell for huge profits: like art and real estate, rather than investing their money in companies that can then in-turn create new products and jobs. However inflation isn't bad for everyone. Debtors love it! The people that get hit the hardest in an inflationary phase are the people that are living off of fixed incomes, this often consists of retired people whose payments are determined by salaries or wages that were earned in less inflationary times. their standard of living can swiftly erode by high inflation, this could cause them to sell their home or take other drastic economic measures.

Inflation is often the result of political pressures. A economy that is growing creates jobs and reduces unemployment. More often than not politicians are almost always in favor of this so they put pressure on the Federal Reserve to adopt an easy money policy that stimulates the economy. The most effective method for ending inflation is for the Federal Government to induce a recession, or downturn, in the economy. If the shrinks for two consecutive quarters it is considered a recession.

In order to avoid long term slow downs, politicians will reverse their policies once they notice that the economy is beginning to shrink. They do this to stimulate borrowing and economic growth. Over time the country emerges from the recession, begins to grow, and the completed cycle starts all over again.

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