Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Home Based Businesses - Getting Out Of The Rat-Race Forever

In early 2006 my wife Kath was looking for free finance ebooks on the web. We were both disgruntled about the pay and long dangerous hours in my contracting job, so she decided to do something about it. She came across an ebook from Jamie McIntyre at 21st Century Academy called "What I Didn't Learn at School But Wish I Had". After reading the ebook Kath was so impressed that she ordered the free DVD with the same title.

When we both watched the DVD we were convinced that this was the right system for us, so we ordered the 21st Century Homestudy Program. This was tough going, because we were down to our last $500 after a renovation on the trashed former drug baron's house across the road. We thought that the renovation road was the route to wealth and thats why we were doing it. Previously, we had been in Network Marketing for many years, but could not seem to breakthrough to the levels we needed to have a decent lifestyle. When we ordered the program, our one thought was, if this doesnt work, its getting returned!

After watching the Homestudy Program and putting it to work the results were immediate. We used the profit from the renovation as trading capital and in the first month we made more trading options on the Australian Stock Market than I made in my contracting business. This got my attention straight away, so we became information sponges for anything to do with wealth creation.

Excited by our immediate success, we attended a 21st Century Academy Internet Mastery Seminar in Perth and met a whole new group of very successful entrepreneurs including Jamie McIntyre, Tom Hua, Sean Rasmussen and Jean-Paul & Deborah Micek. Jamie was the keynote speaker and presented a complete education system for making money on the net. Tom presented his eBusinessBox system, Sean presented the Fishbowl system and Paul & Deborah got us up to speed on the new Web 2.0 systems.

We were so inspired after this seminar that we set a date for my retirement for 22nd December 2006. We decided that Kath would trade options and I would setup the internet businesses that we bought from Tom and Sean. We were very keen to set up Multiple Streams of Income, so we did not have to rely on a job. Job security is now an oxymoron. Even my old contracting job disappeared shortly after I left. It was good thing we dug the well before we needed the water.

It was a great feeling to retire from the conventional workplace 22 years ahead of schedule. Through options trading Kath had bought me the time to setup Tom & Sean's internet business systems. I thought that it was going to be easy since I had been working with computers since the first PCs hit the market in the early 80s. I discovered that I wasnt as smart as I thought I was. I'm now glad that 21st Century Academy put us in touch with Tom and Sean, so that I could start with proven systems to guide me through a minefield of internet marketing opportunities.

After setting up the Golden West Wealth web site using Seans Fishbowl system, we got a number of affiliate sales from 21st Century which paid for the setup cost, and then some. All the products that we are using to create freedom for ourselves are on the website. We wanted to have the integrity as well as the enthusiasm to share the information with a lot of new people.

Not long after setting up Great Wealth Ideas selling ebooks from eBookwholesaler.com, I sold my first ebook and got my first income from Google Adsense. The eBusinessBox system is great because of all the support you get from Tom's team. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning to find out that I have been paid while I slept. To top that off, the income is continuing to grow without spending more and more time working. The ebooks are the best quality I have seen and I love to work from home whenever and however I want to.

But it all didnt go completely smoothly, and life would be pretty boring if it did. After some accelerated learning experiences on the stock market, bought about by excessive ego, it was time to get some more advanced positive accelerated learning. Kath bought the Master of Stock Market Intelligence system from Nik Halik at The Financial Freedom Institute, watched it and learned from it. This was one of the best investments in ourselves that we have ever made.

The principles of advanced technical analysis are taught in a structured, easy to absorb method that makes sense. Not only is the program packed full of comprehensive knowledge, its also practical and fun. The knowledge from this is applicable across whatever market we are going to trade Australia, US, UK, Japan etc and across whatever we want to trade Shares, options, contracts for difference, Foreign exchange and other products.

At the moment we are just getting started. We have finally made the transition to a successful home based business with minimal risk and had a lot of fun. We have a whole new group of positive friends and have started a Social Support Group for 21st Century Academy graduates in Perth. No more boring traffic jams on the freeway or waiting in the cold for public transport. I like working with my best friend and having a lot more time with my family.

Our next step will be to tap into the knowledge base about property and to begin to grow our property portfolio. Well do it the smart way, and leverage off other peoples knowledge and time rather than sinking our sweat equity and health into it. We will have gone a full circle since the day Kath sat at home, unwell, looking for free ebooks. Thank God we found the one that changed our lives.

Our motto is DREAM IT, DO IT, LIVE IT. I love to walk on the local beach at 10 am Tuesday morning with my lover and best friend, and you know what? Theres no one else there. We have the beach to ourselves. We are now encouraging other like minded people to come and join us.

Bill Taylor has a background in The Royal Australian Air Force. He served for 24 years in many locations around Australia and overseas. In 2002 he resigned from The Air Force and after a sabbatical became a Technology Consultant with a helicopter company in Perth. He retired from the conventional workforce in December 2006 and is now a successful Web 2.0 Developer. He has established a wealth support site http://www.GoldenWestWealth.com and an eBook site http://www.GreatWealthIdeas.com as well as a lens http://www.squidoo.com/WealthinPerth Kath has a background as a Domestic Engineer, accounting and retail. She has recently established a successful derivatives trading business. Bill and Kath have established Havenesky Ventures Pty Ltd. They have raised three boys and live in Perth Western Australia.