Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Building Wealth Gann Made $50 Million Here's How

W D Gann was one of the most famous investors of all time and a portrait hangs of him in the New York Stock Exchange in recognition of his achievements.

This article is all about how to build wealth and how to do it quickly.

Lets look at Ganns methods and how you can use his tools to make yourself some big profits to.

Ganns Methods

Ganns methods were all based upon the theory that market action repeats itself.

As humans our psychology is constant and as we are ones who create market prices this psychology repeats itself again and again in price action.

Gann used technical analysis to make his trades and when he traded at the turn of the century he employed a team of draughtsman to construct the charts.

Today, traders can simply use computer programs to do the work and there are many good ones about and plenty of Ganns courses, so you can learn the basics and apply them easily.

There are also money managers who use Ganns methods to trade and many have outstanding track records of success with 30% annualised gains and more. If you dont want to trade yourself then this option is open to you.

Trade to build wealth

In fact, you can do all your trades in under an hour a day, from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you are all set to build some serious wealth.

To trade Ganns methods you need to confidence in them. As with all trading methods you will have losses and it is essential to have the discipline to stick with the system even during periods of losses.

Trading success is based around the following equation:

Trading method + Applied with discipline = Financial success

This may sound obvious, but 90% of investors cant get the second part of the equation right. They cant trade with discipline. They let their emotions dictate their trading moves and end up losing.

Gann removed this emotional component by only doing what his charts told him.

When the majority thought share prices would go on forever in 1929, Gann got ready for the crash! And you guessed it he made a killing in the markets.

Stand Alone from the crowd

Gann was an individual he didnt care what people thought of his methods and he didnt care what people thought of his trades. He simply concentrated on building wealth $50 million dollars of wealth.

Gann can give you the methods and the tools, but only its up to you to use them to build wealth. Gann traded in isolation and you must to.

If you can apply the methods he created with discipline the path is open to you to.

You Have An Advantage Gann Didnt

You have computers where even computers with low specs contain more power than the computers that put man on the moon! We also have the greatest technological innovation ever: The Internet.

These tools can help you build wealth in under an hour a day. Take a look at Ganns methods and you will see a route that could lead you to financial success to.

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