Friday, October 12, 2007

Forex Signals 2

In the previous article we discussed the importance of choosing the time frame to trade and touched some basic ways to generate the indicators for Forex signals. In this article we will discuss the value in assessing the markets with market generated information itself. This will require you to analyze what is going on in the market in the current time.

Ask a simple question- where is the market going right now and how well is it succeeding in its course. If it is succeeding then the current move is intact and there is initiative buying or selling in the current direction. It there is a change in the acceleration of the market, this will tell you that 'something has changed'. Now the next question is if something is changed how are the current market speculators going to respond to this change.

Is there going to be more initiative by the speculators to continue the current direction of is there going to be a responsive buying or selling in the opposite direction. This whole concept comes from the Market Profile studies done by some of the pioneers in the market theories earlier and are very powerful when analyzing the markets. At this point I am not going in the details of studying the markets using these theories rather I am discussing the basic concepts of market technical analysis. So there are two parts of the story that when joined together will make sense.

One is initiative buying or selling and continuation of that with more initiative buying or selling and the other is initiative buying or selling with responsive buying or selling in the opposite direction. This is how the financial markets work and it is similar to any other markets also. It is a two way auction process of bidding and asking, supply and demand. The whole idea of the market speculation is to maximize trade and to form an agreement on price between buyers and sellers. The market is a two way auction searching for buyers and sellers as it goes up and down and when it finds them, it reverses and again starts finding buyers and sellers. Please re read the article again to grasp this important concept. This will be the basis of our future articles on Forex signals.

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