Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Risks To Consider Whenever You Trade Penny Stocks

The world of penny stock trading has been touted as the gateway to riches beyond your wildest dreams. Fortunes, it has been claimed, can be made in a single trading session. Those with a few hundred or thousands of dollars can become millionaires almost overnight, and all of those who have do not hesitate to tell the world about it.

But what those who have succeeded in the penny stock market invariably fail to mention is that for everyone on the winning side of a trade there someone who is either risking or losing money on the other side. Whoever decides to trade penny stocks should realize that his or her chances of losing big are at least as great as the chances of winning big. What are the precise risks to be faced by anyone wanting to trade penny stocks?

The penny stock market is far and way the most volatile of all the stock markets. Anyone wanting to trade penny stocks need to perform extreme due diligence before investing in a company, because the price penny stock can change direction in a minute, and for no discernible reason. If you arent watching closely, you will not only miss your chance to lock in a profit, you may be on your way to a serious loss.

While the phrase penny stocks may make you think you can trade penny stocks like you play penny ante poker, the phrase is misleading. Even if a single share of a companys stock is less than a dollar, most of those who trade penny stocks trade them in lots of a thousand or more. When you trade penny stocks in those amounts, the amount of money at stake is not trivial.

Another risk faced by those who trade penny stocks is that the penny stock market is home to many a bogus company established simply to print and hype its own shares. There have been unscrupulous individuals who set up fake corporations simply to sell the IPO shares and walk away.

Many penny stocks have their price supported by nothing except fluff press releases and ads paid for by stock promoters. Often these efforts will lure people into a stock, and when they come in, the stock promoters get out and the stock promotion ends. Because the company itself has no substantial value, and there are no more new buyers being enticed by hype, those in the stock will have a very time selling their shares, and the stock price will collapse.

Anyone who wants to trade penny stocks needs to be able to tell the difference between a company supported by hype and one which has real substance.

The safest way to trade penny stocks is to have a game plan and stick too it. Pill you capital out of a stock as soon as you can, and either let your profits ride, or used them to invest elsewhere. That way you are always risking someone elses money, and the stress that normally comes when people trade penny stocks will pass you by.

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