Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forex Signals 3

Timing is the key in the markets. You might have heard of this several times that the market indicators are used to predict the entry. The better the timing of these signals and indicators, the better the edge of the trader. Market edge is what you need when you are looking for the forex signals.

The observation of the signals start by looking at a singal bar on the daily chart. According to the Dow theory, an uptrend is a series of ups and a down trend is a series of downs. Keep it simple. This is what you should look for timing the markets. Up closes with good follow through and volume is required to see if the market is in an uptrend. The same process is true with down trends when the closes are down and the volume is good. As the volume dries, you will see that the bars shrink in size or in other words the range shrinks.

Another question is why the range shrinks and expands differently in the forex markets? It is true with other forms of markets also but commodity and future markets are more volatile sometimes. The answer is not simple and will require pages and pages of examples and analysis but I will try to explain. When there is range contraction, there are two basic reasons. One there is an absence of big players in the markets and the floor traders are active at this point. This point is further explained by the shrinking of the range after the New York close around 4 to 5 PM EST. This is when the big institutions close. The time the market expands again is around 2 AM EST when the banks open in London and Asian counties link Singapore and Japan. So the big players are required to move the big markets like forex.

The other reason is the auction theory which says that the market auctions up till it finds a seller and the market auctions down till it finds a buyer. The spikes in prices are the areas where forex markets rush up and down to find buyers in down spikes and sellers in up spikes. This is the reason why the spikes are over 50% areas of exhaustion. We will continue our discussion on market timing signals. I hope you have understood the basic concepts in the three articles on forex signals.

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