Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Know Why So Many Traders Lose - It's The Game, Stupid!

Why do so many Traders put up with Losing? Let me tell you why.

Losers Play a Loser's Game!

Most trading we do is emotionally charged. We find themselves overwhelmed with information from all directions. In this mood, you can feel out of control, not knowing where the markets and stocks will take you or do to you next.

Unlike the tech rally days, when winning was virtually effortless and all you needed to do was get on the bus for the ride, winning in the current market is rare. Rather than winning a lot, you now experience losing a lot - for many, losing, over and over, seemingly without end.

In hopes of winning with their very next trade, losers push on and on until they begin to feel both demoralized and deenergized - with a sense of embarrassment (as they think about how they will explain their plight to others), feeling like failures as they reflect on the past months/years of books, courses, and expos they you immersed themselves in - overall producing dead-end results. Losers frequently think their dream of trading success may never be realized. Sound at all familiar?

Not a pretty picture.

The Old School Trading Game - listen carefully to what I want you to hear: the Trading Game, as you and I know it, has gone the way of the Model A (Model A Ford, that is).

Yet losers innocently, stubbornly, and arrogantly persist in playing this obsolete trading game to their detriment, with no let-up in their losing. Losers go on thinking hopefully that somehow they will be able to win again with their very next trade. They are completely unaware that their obsolete, loser's trading game is being used against them by the big money traders (hedge and other funds) who have completely changed the trading game to the little guy's guaranteed disadvantage.

The old school trading game, as you and I know it, is dead. It's a trap. And you and I know it. But, until now, you may have had no clue as to why. Now that you know. You are not likely to accept this closely held news, as you have so much at stake in being right about whatever you have been up to as a loser, expecting to be a winner. Just think about the years of study and practice you have invested. Not gonna let those go to waste. Well, you may think differently when you view your situation like the sinking ship that it is.

Don't feel alone. The old school, obsolete trading game is still being used by over 90% of the traders out there. Losers, financially, are, simply put, not profitable. Not after deducting overhead and a salary they are accustomed to. Losers are, at best, trading break even. Those losers who have never been profitable are draining themselves and those around them. No, losers are not having any fun trading stocks.

Old school trading is being offered everywhere - it's in all the day trading courses, seminars, and Web sites. Most of those who fork over their money for all this stuff will tell you, if honest, that trading for months and, yes, years this way has not been at all satisfying as they feel on the brink of failure.

You now have the sad picture of the consequences of playing a loser's trading game. The question now is why play a losers game? Why have losers been losing when everyone has been telling them their adopted system will make you rich? Well, maybe they don't say this outright, it's inferred anyway, for sure.

Here's your answer about why traders lose. Moreover, you are not going to like what I have to say.

It's all about Software. Software is king. And, software controls the game of trading and always will.

You see, big money, billionaire hedge funds and others, have been hiring and training brilliant scientist from MIT, Wharton, and other leading institutions, to design sophisticated software to take out the little guys, the crowd of losers, continuously and relentlessly. That's how they make those huge returns - on the backs of all the smart, arrogant losers, like you and me. (Well, for us, not any more.)

How is that possible? How do the big boys do their thing? Easy. They know all that you know about trading and then some. They use all your strengths and weaknesses against you by design, to your guaranteed disadvantage. Think about all those big losses you took, certain they would be winners. You think your losing was some sort of an accident or fate or bad luck? Think again. Their software is designed to trigger precisely at the point when the crowd has the greatest certainty, the most arrogance, the very point of vulnerability - and Boom!, they take you out once again. They, without the usual warning, kill you, not just financially but at a heavy emotional toll to your system and confidence. Your loss is far greater than the money you lose. I think you know what I'm referring to here.

So what's a guy or gal to do, you ask?

You now have a picture of your trading problem. The solution is the subject of my next article. Here is an overview.

It's time (actually, long overdue time) for losers to move on from what I've describe above to have a fresh and financially powerful trading approach and perspective, a new trading game (system), a game winners play.

It's time for each loser to become a winner - to begin to develop a trading career with the trading skills of a consistent winner, a champion trader. For those who qualify, and then seriously apply themselves, they can develop a lucrative career, second to none, in a matter of months - day trading stocks.

Day Traders Win, helping losers become winners for the past several years, to the extent, that those the qualify and apply themselves can, in a matter of months, develop a trading career with CEO-like income.

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