Monday, October 8, 2007

Deer Farms For Sale

When you are interested in nontraditional farming, looking into deer farms for sale should be your first step. Deer farms are for people who raise deer for commercial purposes. The deer graze on the farm land during development and are then sold as livestock or for use in hunting areas. Venison used to be considered meat only eaten by the hardy hunter. But the focus on healthy eating has resulted in increased interest in venison, which is lean meat. In addition, deer farms raise trophy deer that are sold for hunting purposes. Deer farms can also be used to raise elk.

If you are considering investigating deer farms for sale, begin by determining your primary reason for getting involved in deer farming. The main reasons for choosing deer farming include for investment purposes, expansion of current farming operations, or as a hobby farm. People who already raise cattle or other livestock are good candidates for deer farming. They already understand the requirements in terms of time, people and money. Considering the many deer properties for sale it is also a good option for people who wish to invest in an interesting hobby farm while continuing to work a full or part time job.

Before deciding to buy a deer farm, there are several considerations to take into account. First make sure you understand your states wildlife rules concerning deer farming. Also, have a clear knowledge of the kinds of deer allowed to be farmed. It doesnt make sense to plan on raising exotic deer if only native deer farming is permitted. You have to understand the rules concerning land and fencing requirements in the area where you plan on searching for deer farms. In addition, make sure you are clear about the market for venison or trophy deer. If you have the farm experience, the money, and a good understanding of the rules related to deer farming, your chances of success are greatly increased.

There are multiple ways to earn money after purchasing a deer farm. You can offer hunting services by allowing hunters to purchase hunting rights. You can rent grazing lands to other deer farmers. Once you begin farming, as a deer farm owner you can use your farm to teach others about farming practices or farm design. Of course, most revenue will be produced from the sale of deer meat and deer by-products.

Once you choose a deer farm, you are able to market the many different products related to deer. These include trophy deer, deer meat, fawns for new stock, meat by-products that can be processed into sausage or jerky, antlers, hides, and urine for scent camouflage. One of the attractions of deer farming is the large variety of ways to generate income once the farm is operational.

Deer farms for sale include land only, or land and deer combinations. The more well developed the farming operation, the more expensive the price naturally. The cost of starting a deer farm on vacant land can vary wildly. You must consider the per acre price, fencing, licensing, farm buildings and stock. You can start slowly and expand your operation as time and money permits. But you should have an idea if you plan on taking this approach before buying a deer ranch or farm. This is so you purchase land in an area that allows for expanded operations.

Deer farming can be a fun and interesting business or hobby if you do your homework first.

Mark Williams is a licensed Realtor that specializes in farms of all kinds in Western Kentucky. If you're looking for that special hunting or farming tract go to Kentucky Land and Hunting Properties