Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why You Need A Penny Stock List

Why do you need to compile a penny stocks list, and how should you go about doing it? The answers to those two questions will give you the understanding you need to level the penny stocks trading field enough to give you a chance at success. A penny stocks list which is the result of your careful due diligence will help you focus on the stocks most likely to appreciate short term, and thats what youre after.

Your penny stocks list will allow you to track the stocks you are watching with ease. Trying to monitor the thousands and thousands of penny stocks each day is simply impossible, and by the time you had looked at even one percent of them the trading day would be over.

Keeping Track Of Your Holdings
Having a penny stocks list will also allow you to have at your fingertips the positions you hold in your penny stock portfolio. Youll know how many shares you have in each company, so that you can track your gains and losses with your brokers online quotes. Youll be able to sell as soon as you are in profit, locking it in. The best time to take profits in the penny stock market is as soon as you have them, and not a minute later.

You can devote a part of you penny stocks list to the stocks which you are considering for later purchase. You can pick up on any significant movements in their prices, and if you see a positive one, try to determine if it likely to continue. If so, you can buy the stock and move it to your monitored list, to sell as soon as you are in profit. Having a penny stock list is the best way to time your entry and exists into different stocks.

You can make you own penny stocks list by researching which financial sectors are doing well, and then looking for penny stock companies in those sectors which may be good companies but are simply lagging behind the bigger players in their industries. Very often the small companies in an industry are the last to benefit economically from a trend, but when they begin to catch up, their stock prices can soar in a very short time.

Separating The Good From The Bad
Youll learn fairly soon that most of those who do well in trading penny stocks rely on their penny stock lists to help them profit. They use the lists to determine which companies have a genuine product or service for which they are trying to build a market, and which ones are simply stock-printing machines touted by unscrupulous stock promoters. A penny stock list will help you separate the best of the penny stock world from the worst.

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