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Wall Street to Main Street: News, Views and Commentary: May 26, 2006

Its Friday May 26, 2006, and its the last day of the trading week and the beginning of a three-day weekend for the market. First and foremost we want to remind everyone to lower their flags to half-staff in memory of the soldiers that have fallen in battle to keep the United States of America free. We also want to send our thoughts out to all the families of fallen soldiers of the most recent war that is taking place in Iraq.

Now lets get down to business, history was made yesterday and some justice was served in a Texas Courtroom, as Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling were found guilty. This is the pair that single handedly forced the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or SOX to be established following the collapse of Enron that left many people without pensions to fall back on. So this is a little retribution as the pair could spend the rest of their lives in prison. They will appeal to verdict but it may do them no good, as they will just delay the inevitable a few more months or so. I dont think that anyone was really shocked by the verdict but the families of the defendants, as Lay and Skilling pleaded the It Wasnt Me defense. So lets hope that they are supplied with soap on a rope.

Now what this pair did is a far cry from a stock options issuance, but the stock options probe still continues and is growing. There are companies being dragged into this probe that are actually good companies and have done well for investors, companies such as UnitedHealth (NYSE: UNH) and Power Integrations (NASDAQ: POWI) which we happen to like but this probe is a dark cloud over both of these companies. Now what all of this scrutiny may actually do is deter good CEOs from running public companies and push them into the private sectors.

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Tid Bits

Michael Dell or Dell, Inc (NASDAQ: DELL) has been awoken, and when you awaken a sleeping giant things do begin to happen. Dell has inked a deal with Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) to have Googles software bundle in millions of new Dell computers coming out of the factory. So this is just another step for Dell as their next step is the retail sector.

Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) has found synergy with eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) as the companies team up in a multiyear partnership that will draw on the strengths of both Yahoo and eBay in online advertising, payments and communications so they can connect with even more Web surfers than they already do. This is a strategic move for both companies as they band together to combat the mighty Google.

As we anticipated Las Vegas Sands (NYSE: LVS) beat the competition and has won the bid to build Singapore's first casino this morning. LVS is the largest casino operator in the world and this entry into Singapore is a big step for the company as the profit margins in Asia for casinos are much higher than in the United States so you can expect Las Vegas Sands to easily traded above its 52 week high of $73.14, as investors and institutions begin to realize their future potential. This company could actually bring in more revenue than ever once this casino is completed.

Movers and Shakers

Some major movers in yesterday trading session include Stone Energy (NYSE: SGY) which traded up $9.19 to close at $49.95, the run up is due to a buy out offer from Energy Partners Limited (NYSE: EPL) of $2 billion, Big Lots (NYSE: BLI) traded up $2.80 to close at $16.31 due to a better than expected earnings forecast, this pushed Big Lots to a two-year high, Companhia Energetica (NYSE: CIG) traded up $5.22 to close at $41.05, J2 Global Communications (NASDAQ: JCOM) traded up $3.20 to close at $28.15, eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) traded up $3.68 to close at $33.88, United Natural Foods (NASDAQ: UNFI) traded up $3.31 to close at $33.72 and Geoglobal Resources (AMEX: GCR) which traded up $1.07 to close at $6.32.


Due to market conditions we found it necessary to make our readers/listeners aware of companies that have been taking a little spanking, some of these stocks may be at a discount but you need to do your research, look at the charts and make sure that nothing fundamentally has changed with the company and whether it is just being dragged by the market or not. There are companies that are actually a slave to the Dow and present buying opportunities.

Some stocks that traded down yesterday include Joy Global (NASDQ: JOYG). Now this is a stock that was ripped apart in yesterdays trading session and it was most certainly overdone. They reported that their profit doubled but that was due to improved margins, something that would not be repeated in future quarters. So the sellers came out in force and smaller investors followed. The stock went as low at $45.77 before institutions rolled in at about 2:30 pm EST give or take a few minutes, and started to buy cheap stock. As an investor you need to seek out oversold situations like Joy Global because as quickly as they come down in a trading session as they could easily bounce back up once the bleeding stops. This is why we are going to initiate stock alerts on the NAMC Newswire for our subscribers..

Here we go again, another situation that was oversold, the China based online game operator and developer, The9 Limited (NASDAQ: NCTY) dropped down $3.55 to close at $23.72, the stock dropped as low as $21.89 before the bleeding began to stop. They missed the mark with their earnings this is what dragged the stock down, So you have either a flood of shorts diving in or a few institutions unloading shares, either way it puts the stock on a downward pattern, investors panic and start to unload and in certain cases forces the stock to break certain levels on the charts which trigger even more selling. But then you have bottom fishers that are looking for situations like this and they usually profit nicely from it.

Now lets look at a company called Libbey (NYSE: LBY) it has been climbing down the mountain after a couple of attempts of making upward movement. The stock broke a one-month low and could fall lower but this isnt a mass sell off, the stock is just gradually breaking down on the chart. It traded down 86 cents to close at $11.38 yesterday and could continue that downward movement as the next support level is in the $9.50 range. At that level you may find an entry point but not before then,

Other stocks that traded down yesterday include Lyon Williams Homes (NYSE: WLS) which traded down $9.05 to close at $122.00, Genesco (NYSE: GCO) traded down $2.00 to close at $36.55, Omnicare (NYSE: OCR) traded down $3.54 to close at $44.46, Blue Coat Systems (NASDAQ: BCSI) traded down $3.91 to close at $15.65, MWI Vetinary Supply (NASDAQ: MWIV) traded down $2.99 to close at $30.19, Books-A-Million (NASDAQ: BAMM) closed down $1.22 to close at $14.13 and KongZhong (NASDAQ: KONG) which traded down 95 cents to close at $11.55.

Analyst Upgrades/Downgrades

Recent Analyst upgrades include Joy Global (NASDAQ: JOYG) the oversold stock was upgraded to a Buy from a Neutral by UBS, Superior Bancorp (NASDAQ: SUPR) was upgraded to a Buy from a Neutral by FTN Midwest Research, Volt Information Sciences (NYSE: VOL) was upgraded to a Buy from a Neutral by Sidoti & Co, Alkermes (NASDAQ: ALKS) was upgraded to a Buy from a Neutral by Pacific Growth Equities, Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW) was upgraded to a Buy from a Neutral by Merrill Lynch, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) was upgraded to a Peer Perform from Under Perform by Bear Stearns, and SkyWest (NASDAQ: SKYW) was given an upgrade to a Strong Buy from an Out Perform by Raymond James.

Recent Analyst downgrades include XM satellite Radio (NASDAQ: XMSR) which was downgraded to a Market Perform from a Out Perform by Barrington Research and to a Under Perform from a Out Perform by Bear Stearns, Blue Coat Systems (NASDAQ: BCSI) they were downgraded to a Market Perform from a Market Outperform by JMP Securities and Dollar General Corp (NYSE: DG) which was downgraded to a Neutral from a Out Perform by Credit Suisse.


This is the Fifth of our Furious Five companies that we see excelling in their industry in 2006. Today we are featuring Coldwater Creek, Inc (NASDAQ: CWTR) it trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol CWTR.

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We cannot stress enough that investors need to do their due diligence, call the companies, get the information, consult with your investment advisor and if you do not have one consider getting one. Put the same time into investigating these companies as you do when you go to purchase a new television, its only for your protection. When it comes to thinly traded securities stagger your orders or put a limit order in to avoid a run up.

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