Thursday, August 30, 2007

Use of Stop and Reverse (SAR) in the Forex Markets

Stops and reverses are important. Think of it like this. Why do you use stops? Because your prediction or analysis of the markets suggest that the stop area is the price in the markets from where the market can turn. If this is not the reason than why does one use stops? With this analysis of the forex markets or any other form of markets rises another question. Should we use reverses. The only question you will ask at this point is what if the second stop is hit and the result is two trades in a loss? I have often been asked this question and my answer is that if you are too scared to take the losses in trading than you should not trade. Taking profits and not the losses is like breathing in and not breathing out. The whole process of respiration has to be completed. Think of the reverse as a new trade.

The important thing I want to emphasis on again is money management. Two trades with low risk will not hurt you as much as one big loss. Keep the losses small and risk only 1-2% of your account in any given trade. The strategies I give my clients are low risk opportunities so that they can keep their losses low. So reverse your direction with the stop only where it is advised and keep the risk to absolute low. There is no such thing as no risk in the markets. We always look at the risk and reward ratio and positive expectancy.

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