Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Greatest Lie Ever Told is Keeping You from Wealth

The greatest lie ever told from investment professionals could be keeping you from getting wealthy. This lie has been passed on from mediocre advisors as a way to justify their measly returns on your money. You most likely have accepted this advice without much thought.

Even worse you have probably given this same advice yourself to friends and family. This lie has destroyed so many futures that it should be outlawed immediately. This outdated advice is robbing you and many others of thousands if not millions of dollars.

What lie am I talking about? The lie I am talking about is when investment advisors tell you that you should buy and hold a particular investment for five years or more. This is crazy! Yet so many people take this advice as the gospel.

The average stock market return is 10% to11% per year. Why not sell your investment when it reaches say, 15% or 20% in year one, assuming it does? There is no need of holding your investment for the sake of holding it.

In fact this will reduce your returns because you could have sold your investment in year one and realized a 15% to 20% return and moved on to another investment. Holding on to winning investments until they become losers is what so many people do. This is a shame when you realize most advisors do not follow the same advice that they give to you.

These advisors know how fickle the markets can be therefore they exit their winners and do not hold them for five years or so. This further proves what I have been teaching for years, no one is going to look after your money like you would. Advisors who sell their investments much earlier than their clients are just doing what is natural, looking after their own interest.

To be fair there is one instance when buy and hold is the right advice to be given. There has to be a circumstance when this is true or Warren Buffet and the other great investors would not give this advice as well. The exception when buy and hold is the right advice as Buffet and others readily agree is when you will not take an active role in your own wealth building.

Sadly, this is the case for most investors. They would rather give their money to others and let them invest the money. This would not be too bad if you would actively monitor your wealth and learn investment strategies yourself so you can better determine what an acceptable financial return is.

A 10% return a year is no longer acceptable. Today you have to worry about how bills are going to be paid now and in the future. You need to earn returns that you can live off of as income while at the same time saving for retirement.

Earning profits of 10% a month have become a necessity. Average people are enjoying monthly returns of 10% or more each month. They have figured out the greatest lie ever told and are taking wealth building into their own hands.

At the time of this writing I used $3,376 to earn profits of $725 in a single day. This is over a 20%. While I was in the investment for less than a day it was not my intention to only be in the trade for a day. However, if the market is going to give me a profit of over 20% in one day, I will surly take it.

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